When people talk about spiritual mediums and psychics, we talk on a general note of spiritual connectivity and foreseeing or predicting the future. Psychics and mediums are surely connected but vary vastly. All mediums are psychics but not all psychics can be called mediums. Similarly, how all surgeons are called doctors but not all doctors are surgeons.

How do you distinguish between a medium and a psychic?

A Psychic can tune into the aura or energy field of the individual that they are reading, to collect data and process. Whereas a Medium is a specialist, and the term medium could be categorized as dominant. A Spiritual Medium is someone who can tune into the energy field of a person who has no longer a physical presence in their body. While a Spiritual Medium can do both of these jobs, a psychic can only perform limited tasks.

Jennie Ogilvie, the best spiritual medium in Calgary, Canada can connect with spirits who have been passed for just hours, or many, many years. Jennie has the capacity to speak with your friends and family who have “crossed over into the spirit world” and deliver quite certain, and point by point information, about you, your friends, family and loved ones who have passed – Jennie calls these “validations”.

There are skeptics – sure. And in this era of the internet, with access to information and entertainment at the touch of the keyboard, or dial of a telephone, beware of people claiming to be Mediums who channel heavenly attendants, aides and profound elements to be Mediums in the genuine meaning of the word. Its not shocking to know that there are numerous fakes who guarantee to be Mediums and are definitely not – in fact, there was a local “fake” that Jennie Ogilvie reached out to because she was scamming someone out of several thousands of dollars. Jennie offered her an opportunity to return all the money – in the end, she just closed her website down and went “off the grid”. Jennie called her out by name on a Facebook Live video. So, please, watch out for money making fakes. We certainly don’t promote “telephone hotlines” or “pay per minute” services. Jennie Ogilvie, best psychic medium in Calgary legitimately has her fees plainly expressed on the “services” page of her website.

Psychics readings and foreseeing the future?

Some of the best physic medium in Canada clients are not especially keen on speaking with spirits but rather are needing lucidity and knowledge into their lives here in the physical plane. Jennie ready to do this and indeed, to investigate what’s to come. There is likewise much misjudging about “foreseeing the future”. People are aggressively keen to know “what will occur” regarding some specific aspects in their lives. Let’s make something very clear. NO Psychic can predict your future 100% set in stone with 100% accuracy. And if anybody does claim to see your exact future, then it’s a definite lie.

What Jennie, Calgary’s best psychic medium see are; probabilities, conceivable outcomes and pathways into your future; openings and deterrents, in light of where you are at that specific picture of your life at the time of the reading, the decisions accessible to you, and at times the choices you or another person are well on the way to make.