Regardless of the weather on the weekend of November 4th, many braved the snow covered roads from far and wide to take in the full day workshop, IRRESISTIBLE YOU at Top Rocker in Rosedale, AB

This workshop really focused on what you allow to affect your here and now regarding “stuff” we hold onto and ultimately changing our internal dialog.

We spent a lot of time with guided meditations that allowed your true self to look at what holds you back. We also used this platform to explore what is possible as you move forward in your life.

We did one on one as well a group activities exploring and reaching out to others actual energy. We started to understand what that “feels like” to collide with other energies and ultimately opening up more to who and what is in front of us.

We had personal movement, we broke down barriers in our lives and we really looked at having hard conversations are not really hard, rather empowering.

Later that evening, Top Rocker hosted me for a LIVE show. In this intimate 2 hour experience, there was many amazing validations for those who attended and it was such a pleasure to be a part of this experience.

My next LIVE event is this weekend, November 18th, at Ft. McMurray, Alberta.  A few tickets are still available – click here for tickets to Ft. Mac.

After that, only ONE more LIVE Event before Christmas – ack – Christmas!!  Tuesday December 5th I am at Cardel Theatre in Quarry Park.  VIP and General Seating tickets are available.  I would love to see you there.