Jennie Ogilvie Alberta’s Favorite Medium

This is what I know. I am beautifully flawed just like you. I have had to ask those same hard questions about life just as you have had to. Am I “different”? …. No. I have always been able to connect with Spirit since I was the ripe age of 6. The journey was understanding that process. That process can be compared to giving a Generation Y child an 8 track cassette tape and them asking “what is this?” This process is exactly the same when anyone is given an unfamiliar huge task to walk thru.

As a medium it is my job to understand what spirit gives me, in turn, then communicating that to my clients in the form of validations. As I have grown with my connection, it was clear to me that a reading is just not about the validation of loved ones you have lost making a connection through me. An integral part of this process is not forgetting the person still living thru the loss.

When we think of a Medium, we generally think this is all about those who have passed. When we think of a Psychic, we generally think about future predictions and a session filled with questions to the reader. Nothing is ever cut and dry as navigating through titles of people that are in this industry can be daunting. Medium, Psychic, Intuitive, Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Counsellor, Tarot or Angel Card Reader. What does all this mean?

Labels are for jars. Unfortunately in the world we live in, we all depend on some type of label to be identified with what we do. I am breaking that rule right now.

A session is 100% Spirit led. That means that the information whether it be from those you have lost, the mountain you feel you are facing in your life, or you needing help navigating thru a life growth spurt, then come see me. I have said this for 10 years and I will say it again, I will not do your hard work when it comes to navigating your life, I will help you find the tools that you need to be your own champion. There is no easy button in life and people like me do not have one hidden for you.

In short, we all need to celebrate life in what ever capacity it has been handed to us. It is not about the actual journey of life, it is who you choose to be through it.

I have worked with Mediums from all over the globe and each one of us are as unique as a fingerprint. I have clients that span several continents but all of that does not matter unless you are what people are looking for. Reputation is everything.


Since the age of 6, Jennie has known there was a whole other “world” out there. Not until her early thirties was she ready to embrace and share with others the connection she has. As a student of Arthur Findlay College in England, she has spent time working and studying with the top Mediums from all over the world. Jennie strives to always challenge herself and her connection with Spirit to know that what, and how she delivers messages is from hard work, constant learning, and the passion for others to always be the best she can be.

If there is one thing Jennie is often told from clients, it is that she is authentic and the “real deal”. A reading can consist of both psychic and mediumship messages. When you sit with Jennie, it is a dance of energy you share with her, and during that dance, Spirit will give you what is needed. Jennie continues to have amazing opportunities throughout her walk with Spirit. She has leant a hand in solving homicide cases, working closely with authorities to be able to give grieving families the closure they needed and helping to put away the “bad guy”. She has worked with families of missing children to help find their loved ones. Her motto has always been “Pay It Forward”, and she continues to embrace this.

You can expect to never be under-amazed by how Jennie delivers herself in any reading whether it be in a private, message circle or large event. She has a larger than life approach to her messages and can always keep an audience captivated by her delivery, and her way of making it a fun and intense experience all at the same time. You will laugh, you will cry, but you will never be disappointed.


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