My New Look

People have been telling me for years how funny I am.  Guests at my LIVE shows constantly laugh …  with me, not at me!

I am very fortunate to be able to work with many wonderful people to connect them with loved ones and bring them validations – in a loving, and sometimes humorous way.  You know me, I am ready for the hard conversations, but the hard work is yours.

I have made some amazing connections with fantastic people, and I will soon be doing some more Keynote Speaker events.  Watch for announcements from Jennie Ogilvie – The Comedian Medium!

If your company or organization needs a fundraiser, motivational speaker or keynote address at a conference or meeting, lets have a chat!  I have many topics to speak on and am adaptive to many different industries.  Worst thing that can happen is we get a cup of coffee and have a couple of laughs.  Your audience won’t regret it!

Jennie Ogilvie
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