This is what I know. I am beautifully flawed just like you. I have had to ask those same hard questions about life just as you have had to. Am I “different”? …. No. I have always been able to connect with Spirit since I was the ripe age of 6. The journey was understanding that process.

That process can be compared to giving a Generation Y child an 8 track cassette tape and them asking “what is this?” This process is exactly the same when anyone is given an unfamiliar huge task to walk thru.

As a medium it is my job to understand what spirit gives me, in turn, then communicating that to my clients in the form of validations. As I have grown with my connection, it was clear to me that a reading is just not about the validation of loved ones you have lost making a connection through me. An integral part of this process is not forgetting the person still living thru the loss.



My friend and I had a reading yesterday with Jennie.. I’ve had plenty of readings before, tarot cards, tea leaves, regular psychic readings etc. I left them all without really feeling anything except the entertainment I just paid for. Then came Jennie. She brought up things NO ONE else would know. Validated and acknowledged the people who came through. I’ve never felt a connection with my reader, but with Jennie it was different. She’s amazing, honest, sincere, empathetic, understanding, and genuine. The experience yesterday won’t end there. I Highly recommend anyone who is looking for validation, closure, and understanding to seek her wisdom and expertise. Thank you Jennie.. I can’t wait to see you again.

Company Name : Cheryl

Had an absolute blast at the medium circle this afternoon. Thanks Talking To Spirits. If you’re looking for an incredibly talented, down to earth, fun reading, you owe it to yourself to check out Talking To Spirits!

Company Name : Ali

Well – Talking To Spirits – that was a mind blower today. Wonder how long I’m gonna need to process this info?? Thanks from the bottom of my heart. ?

Company Name : Donna

Just had the most AMAZING experience with Jennie from Talking To Spirits….you have changed our lives forever!! XO

Company Name : Lisa

I had my first session with Jennie this morning – Thanks to you, Jennie- for an awesome experience! – I have a feeling of calm I have not had for a long time – thank you! I think you are fabulous! Looking forward to meeting with you again.

Company Name : Ronda

Theresa Caputo was great but I like Jennie Ogilvie better!!

Company Name : Meg

That was an amazing evening!!! I hosted a message circle with Jennie Ogilvie from Talking To Spirits. I had 11 amazing ladies there to share the experience. Although I didn’t get read tonight, I also didn’t expect to. Hosting and watching others receive some peace and clarity was, in some way, a means to pay it forward. Thank you Jennie for an outstanding experience. You are the real deal and a one in a million angel.

Company Name : Allyson

Last night I had the great gift of being a part of a Message Circle with Talking To Spirits. I am in complete awe. A little stunned. Moved beyond words. I can now say that I personally know, without a shadow of a doubt, that communication with the spirit world is not only possible, but profoundly real. Thanks for the chat, Dad. And thank you Jennie for sharing your incredible gifts, and making these conversations possible. — feeling blessed.

Company Name : Jennifae

What an amazing experience this afternoon, I am still in disbelief. You just knew things. You have turned a non believer into a believer for sure. I recommend Jennie 110% . I can’t wait to book another session I know have so many more question.

Company Name : Caitlin

Jennie – We are still in awe, amazed, shocked, speechless and smiling? Thank You so much!!!

Company Name : Kimberley


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